Previous GBG Deathfest

Gothenburg Deathfest 2002 (June 1)

Centurian (Netherlands) Canceled
Convent (Poland)
Deepred (Finland)
Hour Of Penance (Italy)
Immersed In Blood (Sweden)
Impure (Germany)
Iniquity (Denmark)
Insision (Sweden)
Kaamos (Sweden)
Obscura (Sweden)
Spawn Of Possession (Sweden)
Visceral Bleeding (Sweden)
Gothenburg Deathfest 2002

Gothenburg Deathfest 2003 (November 1)

Despondency (Germany)
Disavowed (Holland)
Embedded (Germany)
Fleshgore (Ukraine)
Immersed In Blood (Sweden)
Kataplexia (Finland)
Necrocide (Sweden)
Necroterio (Brazil)
Resurrected (Germany)
Rotten Sound (Finland)
Strangulation (Sweden)
Gothenburg Deathfest 2003

Gothenburg Deathfest 2004 (June 13)

Anata (Sweden)
Godhate (Sweden)
Exodus (USA)
Hatesphere (Denmark)
Re:Aktor (Portugal)
Reclusion (Sweden)
Relentless (Sweden)
Shadowbuilder (Sweden)Gothenburg Deathfest 2004

Gothenburg Deathfest 2005 (September 3)

9th Plague (Sweden)
Aborted (Belgium)
Arsonist (Sweden)
Dead Awaken (Sweden)
Degrade (Sweden)
Insision (Sweden)
Nominon (Sweden)
Prohibitory (Mexico)
Gothenburg Deathfest 2005

Gothenburg Deathfest 2007 (October 27)

Degrade (Sweden)
Inferia (Finland)
Kraanium (Norway)
Remasculate (Sweden)
Tribulation (Sweden)
Volturyon (Sweden)
Vomitous (Sweden)
Gothenburg Deathfest 2007Gothenburg Deathfest 2009 (October 3)

Carnal Decay (Switzerland)
Chronic Torment (Sweden)
Deranged (Sweden)
Despondency (Germany)
Inhuman Deformity (Sweden)
Insision (Sweden)
Maim (Sweden)
Rottenness (Mexico)
Gothenburg Deathfest 2009Gothenburg Deathfest 2010 (November 6)

Corpus Mortale (Denmark)
Dawn Of Chaos (England)
Dead Beyond Buried (England)
Degrade (Sweden)
Extirpated (Sweden)
Hideous Divinity (Italy)
Insision (Sweden)
Remasculate (Sweden)
Gothenburg Deathfest 2010Gothenburg Deathfest 2011 (November 5)

Beheaded (Malta)
Carnal Decay (Switzerland)
Godless Truth (Czech Republic)
Inhuman Deformity (Sweden)
Insision (Sweden)
Mass Infection (Greece)
Seed (South Korea)
Puteraeon (Sweden)
Gothenburg Deathfest 2011Gothenburg Deathfest 2012 (November 3)

Fumes Of Decay (Holland)
Goreinhaled (Spain)
Hatecharge (Sweden)
Kraanium (Norway)
RazorRape (Sweden)
Terrordrome (Greece)
Valgrind (Italy)
Vomitous (Sweden)
Gothenburg Deathfest 2012Gothenburg Deathfest 2013 (October 5)

Craniotomy (Slovakia)
Deus Otiosus (Denmark)
Facial Abuse (Sweden)
Godhate (Sweden)
Inhuman Deformity (Sweden)
Legion Of Wolves (Ireland)
Mortal Torment (Greece)
Onicectomy (Italy)
Gothenburg Deathfest 2013Gothenburg Deathfest 2014 (October 4)

Amputated (England)
Going Home In A Bodybag (Sweden)
Goretrade (Colombia)
Indecent Excision (Ita)
Kataplexia (Finland)
Lord Conspiracy (Sweden)
Necrosis (England)
Smothered (Sweden)
Soils Of Fate (Sweden)
Gothenburg Deathfest 2014Gothenburg Deathfest 2015 (October 3)

Creeping Flesh (Sweden)
Darkall Slaves (France)
Festering Remains (Sweden)
Horrified (England)
Maat (Germany)
Overtorture (Sweden)
Repugnance (Malta)
Gothenburg Deathfest 2015Gothenburg Deathfest 2016 (October 1)

Pyorrhoea (Poland)
Relics of Humanity (Belarus)
Skinned (US)
The Sickening (Norway)
Feral (Sweden)
The Curse (Sweden)
Gonadectomy (Sweden)