15 Yeasr Anniversary as Sweden’s one and only extreme indoor festival!
Only DEATH… is Real!


November 4th – MUSIKENS HUS – Gothenburg, Sweden

October 1st 2016  –  RÖDA STEN  –  Gothenburg, Sweden


Previous Gothenburg Deathfest:
2015 October 3:
Creeping Flesh (Sweden), Darkall Slaves (France), Festering Remains (Sweden), Horrified (England), Maat (Germany), Overtorture (Sweden) & Repugnance (Malta)

2014 October 4:
Amputated (England), Going Home In A Bodybag (Sweden), Goretrade (Colombia), Indecent Excision (Ita), Kataplexia (Finland), Lord Conspiracy (Sweden), Necrosis (England), Smothered (Sweden) & Soils Of Fate (Sweden)

2013 October 5:
Craniotomy (Slovakia), Deus Otiosus (Denmark), Facial Abuse (Sweden), Godhate (Sweden), Inhuman Deformity (Sweden), Legion Of Wolves (Ireland), Mortal Toment (Greece) & Onicectomy (Italy)

2012 November 3:
Fumes Of Decay (Holland), Goreinhaled (Spain), Hatecharge (Sweden), Kraanium (Norway), RazorRape (Sweden), Terrordrome (Greece), Valgrind (Italy) & Vomitous (Sweden)

2011 November 5:
Beheaded (Malta), Carnal Decay (Switzerland), Godless Truth (Czech Republic), Inhuman Deformity (Sweden), Insision (Sweden), Mass Infection (Greece), Seed (South Korea), & Puteraeon (Sweden)

2010 November 6:
Corpus Mortale (Denmark), Dawn Of Chaos (England), Dead Beyond Buried (England), Degrade (Sweden), Extirpated (Sweden), Hideous Divinity (Italy) Insision (Sweden) & Remasculate (Sweden)

2009 October 3:
Carnal Decay (Switzerland), Chronic Torment (Sweden), Deranged (Sweden), Despondency (Germany), Inhuman Deformity (Sweden), Insision (Sweden), Maim (Sweden) & Rottenness (Mexico)

2007 October 27:
Degrade (Sweden), Inferia (Finland), Kraanium (Norway), Remasculate (Sweden), Tribulation (Sweden), Volturyon (Sweden) & Vomitous (Sweden).

2005 September 3
9th Plague (Sweden), Aborted (Belgium), Arsonist (Sweden), Dead Awaken (Sweden), Degrade (Sweden), Insision (Sweden), Nominon (Sweden) & Prohibitory (Mexico)

2004 June 13
Anata (Sweden), Godhate (Sweden), Exodus (USA), Hatesphere (Denmark), Re:Aktor (Portugal), Reclusion (Sweden), Relentless (Sweden) & Shadowbuilder (Sweden)

2003 November 1
Despondency (Germany), Disavowed (Holland), Embedded (Germany), Fleshgore (Ukraine), Immersed In Blood (Sweden), Kataplexia (Finland), Necrocide (Sweden), Necroterio (Brazil), Resurrected (Germany), Rotten Sound (Finland), Strangulation (Sweden)

2002 June 1
Convent (Poland), Deepred (Finland), Hour Of Penance (Italy), Immersed In Blood (Sweden), Impure (Germany), Iniquity (Denmark), Insision (Sweden), Kaamos (Sweden), Obscura (Sweden), Spawn Of Possession (Sweden) & Visceral Bleeding (Sweden)

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